One Thousand, One Hundred, and Seventy-Six

One Thousand, One Hundred, and Seventy-Six

Reincarnation, a fresh start of thoughts after a 3+ year hiatus.

While it's been 3 years, it feels like just yesterday that I wrote my last post about a presentation I gave to the teacher candidates at UBC. It was a great presentation and the students were wide eyed and keen to refresh classrooms with technology that motivated learning. And thankfully, this continues today. But for me, it was time to take a break as I was about to begin my Masters of Education.

The next 2 years were a whirlwind that finished almost as quickly as it began. I had a new appreciate for precise and eloquent language that allowed me to use one word, instead of four. I had the opportunity to uncover administrative models and structures of education, investigate facets of inclusive education, and participate and find new respect for experiential learning. It was a proud moment to have accomplished that goal, and with luck on my side, it propelled me to new opportunities. 

Shortly after the degree was done I was promoted to Director of Technology. Just like my Masters I became immersed in a truly transformative experience. Over the past year and a half I've had amazing opportunities for professional growth. I've begun to meld my educational technology philosophy within the school. Students continue to develop and refine the digital skills they need to participate in the modern world. And beyond all this, I've once again been fortunate to have  the opportunity to speak in front of teachers throughout British Columbia. At the beginning of this school year I joined a team of talented educators and as a group we've begun to demystify the notion of Computational Thinking.